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Homeschool Curriculum Choices: Grade 2


Homeschool curriculum choice time! Summer is ending swiftly for this Florida family and it’s time to make curriculum choices for the new school year. If you didn’t know, we are a super cool blended family, but I will only be homeschooling my bio daughter. We are entering second grade and homeschooling for the first time EVER! Excited and nervous are an understatement. The first thing we did was purchase some books. If you want to see what we purchased, head over to our homeschool book haul.

As a former classroom teacher, I’ve seen my fair share of the curriculum. But, I want our homeschool journey full of love and learning and not bogged down by curriculum that “forces” you to complete everything in included. Since this is our first year I’m sure many things will change until we find our homeschool groove.

I love pooling different resources, books, and manipulatives together to create a unique school experience (but that is just me)!

For the upcoming school year, here is the curriculum we are using…

Language Arts Curriculum

  • Explode the Code
  • The Good and The Beautiful (level 1)
The Good and The Beautiful (level 1)
Available to print or purchase from their website

Math Curriculum

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool
Available to print FREE or purchase
  • Easy Peasy All in One (Grade 2)
  • Brain Quest Grade 2
  • Khan Academy (online)
  • Prodigy (online)

Bible Curriculum

  • Indescribable
  • The Action Bible

Social Studies Curriculum

  • Who Was Series
  • Unit studies (created by me)

Language Curriculum

We are in the midst of shifting our focus from Spanish to ASL. As a Floridian mom, I naturally wanted her to learn Spanish. She is not interested at the moment and it is not sticking. She has really taken well to ASL so our focus for language curriculum will now be ASL.

  • Homeschool Spanish Academy (it didn’t work well for us)
  • Spanish/English picture books (she likes these so we will continue to use them)

There you have it. These are all of the resources we are planning to use for the 2019-2020 school year for 2nd grade. As the school year progresses I am sure things will change and we will adapt as needed.

If you’re homeschooling, what are you using this year for your curriculum? If you are just supplementing your kids’ learning at home, what are you using to do so?

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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Book Haul: Book Outlet

back to school book haul, book haul, homeschool book haul
back to school book haul, book haul, homeschool book haul
Lani on Life |book outlet book haul | www.lanionlife.com

Making the decision to homeschool my daughter has given me a reason to partake in a book haul. Although I would’ve gladly hauled books anyway! I am a former Language Arts teacher and have a slight obsession with collecting books.

*This post contains affiliate links. Purchases from the links results in a small commission for me and will help me buy more books!*

Book lovers around the world behold, there is an awesome website to order high-quality books at bargain prices. As we are gearing up for year one of homeschool life with a second-grader, I wanted to increase our home library. No, I am not letting go of the actual library, but I always want to have some books at home to coincide with the curriculum we are using and creating.

Lani on Life |book outlet book haul | www.lanionlife.com

In comes the gem known as book outlet. For this book haul, I was able to purchase 15 books for less than $50 (including tax and shipping). This is our first official book haul but it will definitely not be our last.

Without further delay, check out some of the amazing books we purchase in this in our first book outlet haul.

Lani on Life |book outlet book haul | www.lanionlife.com
Lani on Life |book outlet book haul | www.lanionlife.com

Give booklet outlet a try for yourself. You can use my coupon code to get a $10 off your first purchase of $25 or more.

Back to School Book Haul: Book List

  • Chasing Space (Young Readers Edition)
  • Abuela
  • Betty Before X
  • Baseball’s Best: Five True Stories
  • What were the Twin Towers?
  • The Trails of Tears
  • I am Harriet Tubman (Ordinary People Change the World)
  • Scientist in Training (Science Academy)
  • Paint by Sticker Kids
  • Blue Sky White Stars
  • Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson saved Apollo 13
  • Green Belt Dot-to-Dot
  • Glam Opening (Sparkle Spa, Book 10)
  • Spell Across America (Scripps National Spelling Bee)
  • Who are Venus and Serena Williams

What are you reading this school year?

Lani on Life |book outlet book haul | www.lanionlife.comet

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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Summer Planning: School’s Out for Summer

It’s time for summer planning. The count down is on and school will be out for summer. If you are like me you are thankful to spend more time with your kids but you are also tired at the thought already.

How will I entertain my kids this summer?

How will I be able to feed my kids this summer without them eating the entire month’s groceries in a few days? Because… “can I have a snack?”

How will I keep my kids occupied this summer while maintaining my sanity?

Honestly, I don’t have all of the answers for you because I’m still attempting to figure out our summer life. This year I am making a conscious effort to focus on summer planning. One major thing I am going to implement this summer is a summer schedule. This will be my first year implementing such structure and I’m hoping it will go well.

As a blended family, schedules and routines can become super complicated super quickly. To help us ease into our summer schedule, we started with a “soft launch” by utilizing a morning “to-do” list. Each child has a list that is specific to them. I used this freebie template from another mom blogger. We’re still working on each kid following their list to fidelity, but it has already changed the game in our household.

Our summer schedule will be based on a “theme” for each day. This will allow both adults and children to know what is coming. These ideas are budget friendly and exactly what my family of 5 (family of 6 in the summer) needs! Some people think that schedules are rigid and set in stone. Our summer schedule is flexible and things will shift as necessary.

For example, our summer schedule may change because the library is hosting an event that we want to attend. But, I know we will visit the library each week to switch out books and to attend a program that my kids will enjoy. So, don’t be afraid to switch up the schedule from week to week or as necessary. Here is a look at one week of our activity schedule for the summer.

Summer schedule, summer activities, free summer fun, cheap summer activities, things to do in summer, things to do with kids in the summer

I am excited to see the change planning out our summer has. In the past we have just let summer happen and it has weighed heavily on my sanity. You can download this cute little weekly schedule template (along with some other fruit template) in my TpT store for free to help you get started and stay organized.

Happy Summer planning 🙂

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Valentine's Day gifts for her
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her | Lani on Life

With just a few days left until Valentine’s Day, we can’t forget about the special women in our lives. We need to find some quick and purposeful Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Yeah, chocolate and flowers are on sale, but please don’t get your special someone chocolate and flowers if she’s not into that. Personally, I like Valentine’s day gifts with a little more thought and effort behind them. Running to your local Walgreens 20 minutes before you walk in the house is not cool. But have no fear, I’m here to help you choose some stellar and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for all the special ladies in your life.

Face Masks

Most ladies have some form of a facial or skin care routine. And to be honest, most of those items are expensive! Do a little research to find out what your loved one typically uses or is interested in trying. There are literally thousands of options out there. Although this could be a little overwhelming, I’m sure she will love the extra thought and effort that went into finding masks that fit her skin type and personality for Valentine’s Day.

Edible Arrangements

Valentine's day gifts for her- edible arrangements
Edible arrangement

I am not the chocolate in a heart box type of girl, although I do love good chocolate. When you blend fruit and chocolate together, you have a combination sent straight from heaven! The only true effort you need to put in is getting your order placed in enough time to have it delivered or picked up, as they are especially busy around Valentine’s Day. This is a great Valentine’s day gift option for ladies who like healthier options during the all-out candy fest we know as Valentine’s Day. Plus the fruit arrangement comes in a cute vase that can be reused or repurposed.


Every chick is different when it comes to their accessory game, but we all like something. Whether that is earrings, necklaces or sunnies (and diamonds of course). A low costs option is to shop with your local paparazzi accessories consultant to choose several pieces. Each piece is only $5, is nickel and lead-free and looks fab. Imagine that big smile when we walk in the room and see our vanity covered with accessories. Yes! And the smile you’ll have when you think about how much money you saved. I love to mix and match my accessories with my outfits and paprazzi gives me the ability to do that without spending hundred of dollars on one piece.


I love ipsy! This is truly the gift that keeps on giving (as long as you pay). I already have my monthly subscription and I’m loving it. If you choose this option for a Valentine’s Day gift for her, she will get a new glam bag every month. Each month you get a cute little makeup bag filled with sample sizes of several different products. This subscription program does require the recipient to fill out a profile so they can try and tailor the items to their liking. Being that this is supposed to be a gift, you can take the survey yourself based on what you know about her. She can always take the survey herself later which will change the items sent.

So there you have it, a quick and affordable list to help you show your loves some love on Valentine’s Day. Remember this “holiday” is just an extension of the love and affection we should show to one another on a daily basis, so don’t stress. Check out this post if you also need some ideas on Valentine’s day gifts for him.

What’s on your radar this season ?

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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