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How I’m Raising Confident Kids

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In today’s world raising confident kids is difficult. Everywhere they look, there is something or someone telling them they are less than. Now, there are a lot of great people and places that are helping to build our children up, but we all know the negative takes hold much quicker than the positive. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure we are those people. The people raising confident kids.

Lately, in our household, our kids have been adopting a defeatist attitude. As they are getting older, things are getting more difficult. Tasks that were once easy now need extra work to accomplish. My husband and I have noted that their frustration level and willingness to call it quits has increased. As two hardworking, go-getters, we decided that this attitude is not going to work in our household. So we sat down and talked about what we wanted to do to help our kids become more confident in themselves, and increase their perseverance.

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Positive Mantras and Affirmations

Speaking positivity over your life does wonders for us as adults to help change our circumstances. The same translates over to the littlest versions of ourselves. Saying these words aloud moves positivity to your brain, and then your heart. Although we believe in our children’s abilities, we cannot believe for them. They must believe for themselves even when no one else does in order to be successful in life. We have implemented written affirmations in our homeschool morning binder and this awesome youtube video for daily affirmations. If you are just starting this practice, it will be odd for your children but after a few days, they will be reminding you that they didn’t complete their positive mantras. This is a quick and easy way to ensure you are raising confident kids.

Family Crest and Creed

Another method we are using to raise confident kids is to create a family crest and creed. After attending a marriage conference at our church, this idea stuck with us, after being mentioned by one of the speakers. We are still in the infancy of this idea, but it will look something like this… as a family unit, we will create a crest and write our own creed. We will encourage each child to add an item to the crest that represents who they are. We’ll allow them to brainstorm the colors and overall design as a team. Then we will get the crest created and the creed printed to hang in the house. Our vision is to put this in a visible area, recite it as a family as often as possible, and redirect our kids to it when their attitudes don’t align to our expectations.

Compliments = Confident Kids

As parents, we often focus on the corrections our children need to make, or showing them the proper way to do things (myself included). So, making a conscious effort to compliment your child on something they do well can go a long way. It does not have to be a large task or accomplishment, but take notice and make it known. Think of yourself at work, when your boss notices that you have done something (no matter how small), it makes you feel confident in yourself and more likely to complete other goals. Compliments work the same for kids. The give them a moment to proud of themselves and encourages them to behave in ways that will warrant more compliments. Compliments create confident kids.

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What are you doing to help create confident kids in your household?

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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10 thoughts on “How I’m Raising Confident Kids

  1. I LOVE affirmations! They really work, and kids can really benefit from them! Also, they say that if you compliment a child on traits like perseverance, grit, and working hard, that they will really latch onto those traits. For example: “I see how frustrated you got doing this, but I love how you didn’t give up! You kept trying, and you got it! I’m so proud of you for not giving up!” Great article!

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