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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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Love is in the air, and Valentine’s day is around the corner. So, we are all in need of some Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re as shocked as I was at how quickly things in your local Walmart changed from Christmas to Valentine’s decor, raise your hand. Go out and get his Valentine’s Day gift while you still have time. Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts sure to keep all the important men in your life happy.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Hangry Kit

This is a wonderful novelty gift and is very close to my heart. My husband is known to get hangry every now and again. The Hangry Kit can be stored at home, in the car, or at the office…wherever hunger strikes. This snack pack is a great Valentine’s Day gift if you’re into the more simple and practical things.

Personalized Pick

If your beaux is the musical type, this Valentine’s Day gift will work perfectly. As he is strumming away at guitar, he can remember your love because you’d totally pick him every time. So mushy and so cute. That’s the point of Valentine’s Day right!

Grooming Kit

As manscaping is becoming the new norm, there are gifts out there to support that energy. Whether your guy is in to growing and grooming his beard before no shave November, or ensuring he has the right waves in his hair, this gift is for you. With so many tools included in this kit, this can work for many different types of men. My favorite feature is the beard shampoo and the metal tin it comes in. Those two items really turn up the fancy factor.

Docking Station

For the tech, or non-tech guy. This docking station is a shoe in. I like this docking station better than some of the others on the market due to its sleek wooden look. Additionally, there are cute little notches to hang other gadgets of your choice.


If all else fails, go with the tried and true, lingerie. Yes, ladies, it will look great on you and that is all that your husband cares about. He won’t complain that you bought yourself more clothes because after all the lingerie is for him too. If lingerie isn’t your thing, but you want more innovative ways to dress up for Valentine’s Day, check out Urban Cosplayers for some cool ideas.

The thing I really enjoy about all of these Valentine’s Day gifts is that they can be used for any holiday, reason, or season. They are not “themed” and therefore do not have an expiration date. If you do not celebrate 2.14, no worries, save these gift ideas for the next Birthday, Anniversary, or “just because” situation. Whatever gifts you decide to buy for your loved ones, just ensure they are from the heart.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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