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2019 Vision Board

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If you haven’t read the blog post, Things 2018 Taught Me then, read there first so you aren’t confused as to why my vision board this year is so important to me.

Each year I get together with a few of my girlfriend and we partake in visions and vino,, where we create our vision boards for the year and of course sip some wine. This year we couldn’t coordinate our schedules properly BUT…the vision board must live on.

The way I create my vision board is the method I use, you are free to use whatever works best for you.  There are concrete concepts I revisit and rethink each year, they are always the starting point of my vision board.  So, If you’re in a rut on what should be on your board, here are some things to get your vision board started.

Choose a photo that represents something you for your life

First of all, Taraji is an entire mood and THAT is how I’m walking through 2019! For me, these photos represent undeniable confidence and acceptance of self. Choose something that embodies the woman (or man) you see yourself as in the new year.

Vision Board: Life photo
Pick a power color

A power color is a color that makes you feel bold, professional, and excited. I always choose a power color for the year, and many times the color transfers with me. My power color has been gold for a few years running now. I am sticking with gold and adding blush because who said only one color could make you feel powerful.

Select a wardrobe staple color

Personally, I tend to flock to one color in my wardrobe for a season of time. This year, I  am living for Army green (no, this has nothing to do with me being a military wife). Not only does this help me with my styling for the year, it always helps me to switch up my wardrobe hues from year to year if I so choose.

Vision Board: Wardrobe Staple Color

All of the above things are essential to my vision board but are not as important as those I’m about to share. To ensure your vision board is not full of trivial things, dig a little deeper and identify what you want to manifest for yourself in the new year.

Add personal items to your vision board
  • I always include something about my relationship with God and my family.  If we are not improving, we are not growing. Add important visual or words about your family and your religion to your vision board.
  • Finances are always a hot topic when creating a vision for the new year. I set an “extra” finances goal because a girl loves to travel, shop, and drink Starbucks…even though I have a Keurig at home.
  • Declare it. I choose a quote/mantra for the year. This year I have chosen, “I will manifest ______” (insert what you’d like to manifest this year)! If a quote is too long, choose a word that will reign over your life for the year.
  • Finally, set a personal goal (something to work on for me, with me, by myself). This can range from fitness, healthier eating, writing a manuscript, drinking a glass of wine a day…you get the idea.

Whatever method you choose, write the vision and make it plain. Hang your vision board in a place you will see it on the daily as constant reminder to get your butt in gear towards those goals!

So do tell, What visions do you have for your life in 2019? How do you organize your vision? Drop a comment below.

Keep doing (the best) you boo!

xoxo Lani

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2 thoughts on “2019 Vision Board

  1. Hey Lani! Great post! For me I got a Passion Planner this year and I’m using that to set my goals and plan how I’m going to achieve them. I plan to do a Vision Board with my friend this weekend too so these tips are really helpful! Thank you for sharing!

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